Moving is something that never detaches you from your life's journey. It is always an integral part of it. And when you are planning to move, nothing can be left to chance. The success of your move depends on many factors, and one of the most important is choosing a moving company.

When you move, the entire moving process is already stressful enough. How much more when you need to deal with the packing process? This is where our packing and storage services come in to make your move hassle-free.

We understand that everyone's needs are different. Because of this, we offer many different packing and storage services to meet your needs.

Courteous movers

Think about this. It's already your moving day, and your hired mover has begun carrying your stuff. You attempt to approach them, but you're welcomed with unpleasant behavior. They don't greet you, don't seem to be in the mood, and are pretty grumpy. Wouldn't it be best if you didn't experience this on your moving day?

At Buy The Hour Movers, we see that our courteousness is extended to our valued customers and everyone involved in the moving process. From the person who takes your call to the guys who will do the actual packing and loading, they are all trained to handle you with care.

We know that your time is essential. That is why we make it a point to be on time every time. We understand that delay can cause a lot of inconvenience, and we don't want to be the reason for that.

Highly Trained Movers

Aside from being courteous, our movers are also highly efficient. They know how to pack your stuff to protect them during the move properly. They also know how to load them onto the truck properly so they will not get damaged or lost.

We also have a wide range of storage services to meet your needs. We have climate-controlled storage units that can protect your belongings from the elements. We also have secure storage units that protect your belongings from theft and vandalism.

You can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands when you choose our packing and storage services.

Top-notch customer service

We know that customer satisfaction is essential. That is why we make it a point to provide top-notch customer service. We provide 24/7 customer service to answer your questions and address your concerns. We also value your feedback so we can continuously improve our services.

Moving is already difficult enough. Don't make it more complicated by choosing an unresponsive moving company. Choose our packing and storage services, and we'll make sure your move is hassle-free!

Services Offered

Moving will always be different. And we know that everyone has different needs. So, we provide a wide range of services to meet your requirements.

Long Distance Moving

Looking to move but dread the thought of packing up all your belongings and driving for hours (or even days)? Long-distance moving doesn't have to be a hassle. With Buy The Hour Movers BrooklynMoving Company Brooklyn, you can make your move as stress-free as possible.

We offer long-distance moving services for those moving to a different state or country. We have a vast network of movers to help you with your move.

You don't have to worry when you hire our movers. We'll keep you updated on the status of your move so you can plan your schedule accordingly. We also have a tracking system so you can always see where your belongings are.

Moving and Packing

Whether you are moving across the country or just across town, there is a lot to think about when packing your belongings and getting ready for a move. You may wonder how you will get all of your things packed up and moved without losing your mind in the process. Luckily, Buy The Hour Movers' moving and packing services can take care of everything for you!

We offer full-service packing and moving services to make your life easier. We can pack your belongings for you, load them onto the truck, and transport them to your new home. We can also unpack them and help you set up your new place.

If you're only looking to pack a little and not your entire house- we have customized packing services or partial packing services! You don't have to worry about the size of your move.

Piano Moving

We understand that pianos are not only expensive but also sentimental. That is why we take extra care when moving them. We will wrap your piano in blankets and padding to protect it from scratches, dents, and other damage. We will also secure it in the truck so it will not move during transport.

There are many piano moving services out there that can help you move your piano from one location to another. But there's nothing like the ones from Buy The Hour Movers Brooklyn! With years in the industry and highly-trained piano movers, we can help you move your piano quickly, safely, and without damage.

With Buy The Hour Movers Brooklyn, moves are so much easier!

How Does it Work?

We want to make it easy. You just have to call us, and we will take care of the rest.

First, we will send a team of movers to your home or office to assess the situation and give you an estimate. Once you have decided to use our services, let's discuss your move-out date. Then, we will start packing your belongings and loading them onto the truck. We will then transport your belongings to your new home or office. And finally, we will unpack and set up your belongings in your new place.

It's that easy!

Areas served

With our years in the moving industry, we've become confident and proud of our services, so we've branched out to different areas. We serve New York City, Brooklyn, and the following locations:

  • Bushwick
  • Williamsburg
  • Greenpoint
  • Prospect Park
  • Red Hook
  • Brooklyn Height
  • Battery Park City
  • New Jersey
  • Sunset Park
  • Dumbo
  • Gowanus
  • Bronx
  • Park Slope
  • Staten Island
  • New York
  • The rest of the East Coast

About us

Buy The Hour Movers started small, but with our dedication to customer service and high-quality services, we have quickly become one of the most popular moving companies in Brooklyn. We are fully licensed and insured, and our movers will ensure your items are safe from beginning to end.

We know this is the moment you've been waiting for. Find us at 525 Nostrand Ave#1. Brooklyn, NY 11216, or contact (347) 652-2205. You can also visit our website at https://buythehourmovers.com.

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Why choose us?

There are a bunch of reasons why a lot of recommend Buy The Hour Movers. Here's how we assure you of our top-notch service:

– We are a fully licensed and insured moving company.

– We have years of experience in the moving industry.

– We have a crew of experienced moving professionals

– We offer full-service packing and moving services.

– We offer competitive pricing that suits your budget

If you are looking for reliable full-packing services, look no further than Buy The Hour Movers. We offer a wide range of services to make your move more accessible, and we have a team of experienced movers who will take care of your belongings from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about our professional moving services!


What is the cheapest way to move stuff?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The cheapest way to move will depend on the amount of stuff you have, the distance you are moving, and the services you need.

What does full packing service mean?

Full-packing service means we will pack up all your belongings for you. This includes wrapping and labeling your items for easy unpacking. This also means you're paying for unpacking services, and we'll provide the packing supplies.

How can I save money when hiring movers?

There are a few ways to save costs when hiring movers. First, you can do some of the work yourself, such as packing and loading your belongings onto the truck. You can also ask for discounts or deals from the moving company. Finally, you can schedule your move during the off-peak season.

How do I prepare my house for a Packer?

The best way to prepare your house for a packer is to declutter and organize your belongings. This will make it easier for the packers to do their job and help you save on packing materials. You should also remove any valuable or sentimental items from the house, as they might be damaged during the move.

Do you sell packing supplies?

We have available packing supplies if you're looking forward to packing yourself! From specialty boxes to packing tape to bubble wrap and stretch wrap and other moving boxes you need, we have these things for you! And remember, if you ever struggle with unpacking boxes, we always have a hand with that!

Can you move fragile items?

Of course! Our movers have specialized skills and knowledge of that. Whether you're moving your furniture, appliances, electronics, art, heirlooms, antiques, collectibles, clothing, linens, dishes, silverware, Made in China favorites, documents, files, photos, and records, our movers will transport them in one piece! And we'll lead you the way, whether you're only moving a single room, an entire apartment, or a house!

How to choose a mover?

The best way to choose a mover is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. You can also read online reviews to get an idea of the quality of service provided by different moving business companies. Once you have a few companies in mind, you should compare their rates and services to find the best deal.