If you are planning a move, it is vital to keep things organized and manageable. And if you are packing all of your boxes yourself, it is essential to note that these boxes can quickly end up looking identical to one another, leading to chaos if not well-labeled. So here are some tips for labeling moving boxes that may help make this stressful time a lot easier: 

Get Your Packing Supplies Ready

To prepare for the upcoming move, you need to make sure that your packing supplies are ready. Please list what is needed and do some research about where these items can be purchased in advance so there will not be any hassles later on when it comes time for unpacking all those boxes. You can find supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, and cardboard at your local supermarket, liquor store, and tech store.

Labeling boxes isn't too difficult; however, just a few minor details need to be considered when picking out Permanent Markers (PMs). Different PMs have their specifics with how well certain features work, such as being waterproof since most people label liquids like milk from one box into another, so they don't mix. For example, if you're using an oil-based paint pen, the ink will not be waterproof and could easily rub off onto other things, making for messy-looking labels!

List Your Inventory

Making a home inventory list is not as tedious and time-consuming of activity as many people think it will be. However, the benefits can far outweigh any negative feelings that come with the task at hand. For starters, by doing this, you're organizing your possessions which in turn makes packing more accessible for when moving day finally comes around or if something needs to get shipped off, never to return! Plus, insurance claims always need tending to, so having accurate records could save you some trouble down the line should anything happen during transport (and believe us – accidents do happen).

How Should Relocation Boxes Be Labeled

Labeling your boxes will help you tremendously when it comes time to unpack. You want to create a simple code that is easy for you and anyone else who may be helping with the process, which means not having something complicated or unique. For example, if the kitchen is “yellow,” then all that's left to do is find all those boxes and small items labeled with a yellow sticker. 

On the box, you can write numbers, and it may also be a great idea to create a list of items of each numbered box to have on you at all times. Then, on the list, include which item went into which box. This way, if you need something during the move, all you need is to look at the list and retrieve the box.

And lastly, it's essential to make sure that fragile items are marked on their box, with an arrow pointing upwards, so it doesn't get mixed up with other, more durable goods during transit. It will not only help you prevent breakages from happening but also the movers.

Final Thoughts

Packing for a move is no easy task. You need to remember and do many things, but labeling boxes can make it tremendously easier on yourself. If something goes wrong or you have any questions about your moving process, don't hesitate to contact Buy The Hour Movers!