When moving, especially the do it yourself move, the client needs to make a choice on which moving truck rentals to settle on when making a move. This is usually a process that takes quite some time as it needs intensive research so that you do not end up being exploited in any way. This article is going to deal with two types of trucks, The Moving Truck Rentals, and the Budget Truck Rentals.

Moving Truck Rentals

The Moving Truck Rentals has the following advantages, which make them very popular among users. Their road assistance works for a 24 hour time around the clock, so if someone hires any of their trucks, they feel safe because if anything happens along the way, they could just call up for road assistance and get it. These trucks are always guaranteed to come and get you from the location you give them without fail. This makes them very reliable. They can also rent on the same day that you make a reservation, which means that it will help those movers who failed to make earlier arrangements or bookings. Their customer service is also very efficient and has received great reviews concerning this on their website. If a customer is willing to look for a discount through negotiations, they will get some so it is customer-friendly. The information that concerns their trucks’ safety is also very clear; thus, there is no room for any cloudy or misunderstood information. However, these trucks also have some disadvantages. The prices vary depending on the amount of work that the client intends to do, which makes it unreliable. They are also more geared to commercial use only. Their prices are a little higher around $2089, for around six days of renting. 

Moving Truck Rentals

Budget Truck Rental

These trucks have the following advantages. Their customer service is commendable as they are very friendly and engaging with the clients, the website is also direct thus very easy for anyone to use, they also have the highest guarantee of picking you up from the location that you give them, they focus on helping the client to save some money. They are also possible to be rented on the very same day that you set up a reservation. However, some of the disadvantages that they have include the difficulty of modifying their reservations that have been made online. It is also very hard for the clients to get all the specifics related to the trucks’ safety, adding to the fact that their insurance options are very confusing. 

The estimated rental truck charge for a complete move could be around $2070, which is clear on the website. However, this price will vary depending on the weight of your items, the type of truck that you are willing to rent, and also the total distance that is going to be covered by the vehicle during the move. 

With all these in mind, it is now easy for a client to settle on the most suitable truck for their move. 

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