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Professional Piano Movers Brooklyn

For centuries, pianos have been cherished musical instruments. Of course, your own piano may be so much more than that. Your piano can serve as a gathering space in your home, it may be a family heirloom, and it can also be a stunning decoration. Whether your piano was inherited or you picked it out yourself, it means so much to your family. When it comes time to move your piano, there is a lot to consider. After all, your piano is so much more than a piece of furniture. It is a beautiful instrument with many complexities and details that can be challenging to move. It’s time to trust the best piano movers in Brooklyn for your piano move. Our expert movers at Buy The Hour Movers are here to help with your piano move.

Many people think they can move their piano themselves. But trying to do so can damage your piano, not to mention your home. The average piano can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, which is why it’s so important to make sure you’re counting on pro piano movers. At Buy The Hour Movers, we know that moving a piano can be especially complex. This is because pianos are more than a wooden frame. They include keys, pedals, and many internal components which can be irrevocably damaged if moved incorrectly.

Piano And Chair
Don’t put your piano at risk for major damage, let our local piano movers in Brooklyn take care of the move for you! We offer standalone piano moving services, along with full moving services that include all of your furniture as well. Whether you need to move your piano down the road or across the country, you can count on our moving professionals at Buy The Hour Movers.
Piano Moving With Cover


At Buy The Hour Movers, we’re proud to stand apart as the top moving company in Brooklyn. We specialize in local moves, long distance moves, and piano moving as well. When it comes to moving a piano, our Brooklyn piano movers take a unique approach. We know that moving a piano takes specialized equipment and techniques.

For starters, the sheer weight of a piano can make it a challenge to move. Our pros at Buy The Hour Movers use specialized dollies and boards to help with this task. The right dollies are able to move even the heaviest pianos without causing damage to your home or business. We also use specialized techniques to help navigate your piano through passageways and even up staircases.
There are many different types of pianos that require a variety of approaches when it comes to moves. At Buy The Hour Movers, we work with many different piano types. You can call on our piano movers in Brooklyn for your piano. We can move many pianos, including:

  • Grand Piano

  • Concert Grand Piano

  • Spinet

  • Baby Grand Piano

  • Consolette

  • Full Size Piano

  • Petite Grand Piano

Each piano presents unique challenges when it comes to moving. The piano type, location, and destination will all influence our moving technique or even the packing methods it needs. For larger pianos going into smaller spaces, we may need to disassemble certain components for transport. Rest assured, we’ll expertly assemble any components once we have moved your piano to its new location. Whether you’re moving your piano locally or you need our discount piano movers moving long distance, you can count on us.

Dedicated long distance and local piano movers

At Buy The Hour Movers, we know that your piano is priceless. We understand that many pianos simply cannot be replaced. Because of this, it’s important to trust the pros with your piano move. Attempting to move a piano yourself can result in damage to the instrument. Because of the weight and size of pianos, you may even wind up hurting yourself if you try to move your piano. Instead, let our experts at Buy The Hour Movers take care of your piano move. Our pro piano movers can move any piano, big or small, any distance, near or far.

When you’re looking for the best piano movers in Brooklyn, New York, we invite you to call on our pros at Buy The Hour Movers. We offer local and long distance piano moving services for instruments of all shapes, sizes, and ages. We also offer complete moving services for your home or business, moving bedrooms, living rooms, appliances, and much more. We bring true detail, personalization, and dedication to everything we do.

If you are in search of reliable and affordable piano movers in Brooklyn, it’s time to call our experts. At Buy The Hour Movers, we offer piano moving services that are second to none. We provide these services for local moves, and long distance moves as well. You can choose our standalone piano moving services, or our complete moving services for your entire home or business. We can pack, disassemble, move, assemble, and complete your move with true attention to detail.

At Buy The Hour Movers, we’re more than the best local and long distance piano moving company in Brooklyn, New York. We’re your dedicated moving company! We are here to exceed your expectations when it comes to moving companies. Whether you’re moving one piano across the city or your entire home across the country, you can count on our pros. Call us today for your piano moving quote!

Piano In A Room
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