Your moving date is set. So, when should you begin packing for your move?

This blog will cover the weeks you should leave to pack your belongings in boxes and a few more steps to prepare.

This will make your moving Brooklyn experience more enjoyable.

When Should I Start Packing for a Move?

Movers are often asked, “When do you begin packing for a move?” That's an excellent question! Decluttering your home is a good idea. Packing should be done three weeks before the move. You won't have to rush to pack every room and bathroom at the last minute.

You may need to spend more time packing up a large home if it has been occupied for many years. Consider the size of your home and how long you'll need to pack. Plan accordingly.

The Bottom Line: Although the time you need to start packing for a move will vary depending on its size, three weeks should be enough.

How to Start Packing to Move

Do you wonder, “Where should I begin when packing for a move?” We recommend making a packing list if you are in this situation. Here are some things to include:

  • Purchase packing materials and equipment: What you are moving will determine the type of packing materials you need. Do you have a lot of glassware or breakables, for example? Box dividers are your best friends. Packing paper and newspapers will also help. Are you moving a lot of electronics? You should invest in bubble wrap, plastic bags, twist ties, and PVC tape. Other general packing supplies that you should include on your shopping list are tape, box cutters, markers, and labels of different colors. Dollies, too, and heavy-duty moving cartons (especially for heavy items, which should be placed at the Bottom of the box).
  • Declutter every room: Donate or sell what you don't need. You can use the money you earn from selling unwanted items to cover other moving expenses. It can take longer to donate items than it does to sell them, so keep this in mind. You can donate your items in less than an hour. Donate to local animal shelters, Goodwill, or homeless shelters. Ask a friend if they would find it useful before you donate.
  • Start packing three weeks before your move: It's helpful to have a date to begin packing so you stay on track and save time. You don't have to start on that day. Try packing for at least two or three weeks to prepare everything for the moving day. This will prevent you from throwing things into boxes last minute or donating items you want.
  • Disassemble furniture: You won't need the sectional sofa from your game room when you move. Take it apart now while you still have time. It's the same for any bed frames, office furnishings, or recliners you use only on a moving day. After a week or a few days before your moving day, you can start disassembling the rest of your furniture. It would help to keep your mattress on the floor until you move unless you have air mattresses.
  • Pack essentials and clothes for a full week in a bag or suitcase: The clothes take up an unexpected amount of space in a moving van. Depending on where you live, you may have up to four seasons' worth of clothing. Some of this can be packed weeks in advance, while other items you will need until the day of your move. Pack seven days' worth of clothing and essentials to move everything else. This will save you stress and time and keep you organized.
  • Pack an overnight bag: Remember to pack an overnight bag, even if you've already packed seven days' worth of clothes. Include any important documents, laptops or iPads, cell phone chargers, medication, toiletries, and one to two outfits. This will save you from having to dig through a large suitcase and instead use a backpack or carry-on to store everything you need.
  • Pack the kitchen: Pack your kitchen last. You can save kitchen appliances, pantry goods, dishes, and utensils you will not use before moving. However, you should also keep a few plates and other essentials so you don't eat out every time you eat.

How to Pack for a Move in One Day

It is possible to move in one day if your moving date comes up unexpectedly. This depends on the number of helpers, the type of move, and whether or not you own a truck.

Packing tips for a faster trip:

  • Do one room at a time: If you have enough people to help, it's better if each person boxes one or two rooms. Lighter items should be placed on top of the box, and heavier items at the Bottom. Bubble wrap and packing papers are great for breakables. Label the boxes fragile to make sure you're careful when moving them. Everything will soon be packed up and ready for the truck.
  • Put someone on declutter duty: While packing, have a trusted family member go through the house and collect things to donate. This will make the process much more efficient. If you have only one day, this can be done early in the morning before packing.
  • Write down what's in each box on the outside: Label each box with a different color so the movers know where to place them in your new home or apartment. Noting what is in each box will make it easier to determine where to put everything.

What Should I Be Doing 2 Weeks Before Moving?

You should now have all your packing materials and any unwanted items. It's now time to pack your closets, garage, guest rooms, and other rooms with items that you won't use again.

Do You Need to Pack Up a Month in Advance of Moving?

Packing is only necessary for three weeks in the average household. You can plan your packing strategy a month in advance. Start by going through every room of your home with a small box. Throw out any items you don't use anymore or haven't touched in six months.

Anything can be donated, including cooking utensils, clothing, and keepsakes. You can also include larger items, such as desks or bed frames. It's amazing how much clutter the average person can accumulate and how much easier cleaning is once they've decluttered.

It's now time to clean. You may need cleaning supplies, a scrubber, a duster, and a vacuum cleaner. To save time, clean the room after you've arranged everything.

Do You Need Help With Your Move? Call Professional Movers

Two hands are better than one. Consider hiring movers now that you know better when to start packing for your move. Local and long-distance movers will help you relocate to different cities and states. They will take care of the unloading, loading, and delivery.


When should I start packing my bags?

Generally speaking, start your packing process a few weeks to a month before your trip for longer trips (a week or more) to give yourself ample time. This gives you enough time to create a list of things you'll need, organize it, and get everything packed without the last-minute packing fun.

Where do you start when packing to move?

Creating a packing schedule for a move is a great way to ensure you give yourself enough time. Load furniture, appliances, and larger items first. This leaves more room for the smaller items towards the truck door, making unloading easier.

What is the rule of packing?

This may seem like an ambitiously small suitcase, but the golden rule of packing is always to take half the clothes you were planning to bring (and twice the money)

How many clothes to pack for two weeks?

How many outfits you should pack for a 2-week trip depends on personal preference and the types of events you have planned. However, it would help if you had an everyday outfit plus extras for the weather. Therefore, you should include at least 14-16 outfits in your packing list.